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Miami Cross-Country Express Movers

From the beginning, you’ll have a dedicated moving professional working with you to help you navigate the moving process, make decisions, and lock down plans for your move. Whenever you have questions or need help, you can reach out to get the help you need.

How to make moving easier so as not to get into trouble when moving long distances. Your things should be in the most professional hands because it is not a close road to a new home, and the safety of things is important – one of the main factors in choosing a carrier.

Our customer service is unmatched in the industry so you can relax knowing that you won’t have to go through this process alone. From the estimate to the final drop off your Discount Fort Lauderdale Moving team will work tirelessly to make your move a good experience.

Interstate Moving Services For Miami to (and from) Popular Destinations

Are you moving from New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Miami?

If you’re still looking for a reliable truck to transport your expensive furniture, household items, vehicles (cars or motorcycles), antiques, or pianos and you’ve come across us, you’re in luck. We will handle any specific cargo and will carefully plan all the work from the very beginning of packing, providing many recommendations. And our express tracks offer a long-distance transportation solution to suit your needs! 

Regular Routes & Schedules

For more than 10 years we have been crossing every state day after day From New York to Miami. Our transfers are so popular that we decided to add permanent routes. New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco to New York, New York to Miami, our trucks run every two weeks and arrive in 10 days. In case your location is not on the route, we have a flexible route that we can arrange for you.

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Express Cost Savings + The Perks Of FlatRate

We have great news, if you are here, you are in the reliable hands of carriers that save you time and money. 

You’ll be surprised how much it will cost, because A Discount Fort Lauderdale Moving Company values their customers’ time, providing fast and quality service while saving them money. We do not play games, hide additional costs, and do not like surprises when moving important goods.

Plus the Same Benefits FlatRate Offers Every Customer

We have the resources to manage any move, including cross-country moves. A Discount Fort Lauderdale Moving Company consultants provide you with the features you expect from a recognized industry leader. Among the many services we offer are the following:

  • All Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Provide All Packing Materials and Supplies
  • Nights and Weekends at No Extra Charge
  • Supervisor On All Projects
  • All Certificates Provided On Request
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Several steps for organizing your moving.

1. date of transportation

2. zip-from \\  zip-to (It is important to specify the zip codes accurately for the distance to be correct)

3. number of rooms/staff for transportation, disassembly/assembly of furniture, lifting/lowering, packing required

4. receipt of the total cost, making a deposit

After that, you will receive an invoice with all the details. Mission complete! Next step is to wait for the day/hour when the carriers will come and do their professional job.