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Diverse and affordable moving supplies to order in Florida

A considerable amount of home belongings can and 1should be handled with care while moving. In such a view, we offer you to buy packing boxes and other helpful consumables for moving to get your household items, clothes, utensils, and electronic devices safely contained and transported into a new residence. As a reliable and reputable moving company, we provide our clients with moving supplies of the same quality as we use daily.

Types of wrapping and packing materials available:

  • Cardboard boxes. Both capacious and compact shipping boxes are available for sale. Amongst them you can buy tall moving boxes for relocation of standalone lamps or smaller dish pack boxes.
  • Duct tape. It is universally applied for sealing boxes and wrapped packages. Our manager will provide you with an amply number of duct tape rolls to handle with packing properly.
  • Bubble wrap and stretch wrap. These packing materials for moving are used to secure fragile or wet-prone goods. Those are necessary to use whether you need to move porcelain, glass, or textile items along with you.
  • Moving blankets. These strong and thick pieces of fabric are rather helpful for covering bulky non-dismountable items like pianos or appliances. Apply for our managers to order sale-ready moving blankets or simply rent them for temporary use.


High quality of moving supplies has been pleasing our customers and employees for 18 years and we will be happy to provide anything you need to move in the most efficient manner.

Packing service for relocation

Cost of moving boxes and other packing supplies

An overall price for moving supplies kit suitable for packing and grouping home belongings of 1-2 bed home or apartment starts from 120 $. However, we might customize the number and type of supplies according to your needs. If you’re don’t require triple-layer heavy-duty moving boxes, we won’t include them in the order. On the other hand, if you’re taking a sizeable collection of books or clothing along to the new dwelling you may order additional pair of small packing boxes. At last, we can provide you with large moving boxes which should fit in for heaters, boilers or air conditioning units.

The flexibility in proceeding of moving tasks is what made us favorable amongst the other moving companies. Reach our manager to go into detail about moving supplies purchase and make an auspicious choice.