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Experienced antique movers on demand

Transportation of antiques is one of the most popular services. Antique items, among which may be dishes, furniture, paintings, vases, as well as all other imaginable kinds of old objects, are particularly fragile and therefore require special conditions and treatment during transportation. Carrying antiques on your own is a risky undertaking, as fragile items can easily be damaged or broken during any unspecific careless handling.

At Best Miami Movers we abide by the requirements which help to prevent any possible damage to your precious property. Before shipping each piece of antique is wrapped in soft material in order to exclude its deformation and corruption along the way. Aiming for comprehensive safety transportation, like an antique moving company we choose a proper way of staffing and fastening packed cargo before departure.

Antique furniture movers for local Miami moves and interstate delivery

Our company will surely carry out both local and long-distance delivery of antique furnishings. Shipping of antique furniture from abroad can be conducted in a separate 20-foot container, which allows relocating 2 full room sets. For short-distance antique moving, we provide transportation of the furniture in POD-trucks.

On both occasions, antique furniture sets are usually transported without disassembling, except they are already prepared to be moved in such a condition. Old cabinets with built-in mirrors or stained-glass doors should be transported in an upright position only. For loading and unloading non-demountable solid wood furniture we use special dollies and fork-lifters.

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Proper transport for antique furniture

Best Miami Movers pays particular attention to the particular kind of vehicle. The possibility of damage along the way should also be minimal, and the driver’s ride should be neat and calm. Different antique items may require different packaging, more thorough in some cases. When transporting furniture, it is necessary to dismantle it first and then assemble it in a new place. Such work implies skilled approach and compliance with technological nuances.

Best moving and storage antique price quotes

Upskilled professionals

It is more beneficial and much faster to use professional help when packing antiques and moving them. Best Miami Movers offers its customers not only high-quality cargo transportation but also professional care and safety of expensive antiques.