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Moving from one apartment to another has pleasant associations. A new apartment, possibly larger in size, in a great area. Sounds perfect? Until the process of packing and moving your things to point B began. During your previous stay, you could have accumulated plenty of things. In this case, in order to maintain peace and pleasant associations with moving, it is important to trust professionals in this matter.

We have more than 10 years of rental move on our account, we have a lot of experience with various rules of rental apartments, which are quite strict, delivery and packing of things. It does not matter whether it is the first move to a rented apartment or a move from a rented apartment to a house. We provide consultations, during which we provide all important information, calculation of the cost of our services and advice on moving, careful planning created specifically for your move and the location of your new apartment, we determine the specific schedule and timing of your move.

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Remtal move in Miami

saving time and money

Renting out takes a lot of time and money, and our removals teams know how to save you both.

Our understanding of rental property rules allows us to navigate your move accurately and safely. We tape all doors and walls and protect elevators while your belongings are being moved, helping to prevent property damage so you can get your deposit back.

packing things

The key to making your move go smoothly is to start packing early. You should start with items that you don’t need every day, such as jewelry, sentimental items, books and movies, and wall art. You can also pack clothes and utensils you won’t need ahead of time before you move, so you don’t have to deal with them later.

Then organize those last-minute items so you can quickly pack them closer to your moving date. Be sure to disassemble any furniture in advance to make moving day easier.

When you pack your boxes, label the two sides of each box so you can easily identify what’s in each box. This also ensures that you can read the labels even if the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

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Packing boxes

move out tips

For those about to end their lease, we’ve put together an effective list of tips for first-time renters! This Move Out Checklist covers all the basics you need to complete moving out of a rental property and can serve as your rental move out checklist for any future moves.

  • Get rid of unnecessary items. This will save you from having to carry these items on moving day.
  • Notify your landlord of your upcoming move. Be sure to check if there are any special departure rules.
  • Do a thorough cleaning: Leaving your property in poor condition will cost you money in the end.
  • Take care of your bills: Double-check and make sure all bills are paid in full and switch off so you’re not stuck paying for something at the next location.
  • Document your rental: Be sure to make a note of any damage or other incidents that occur to make sure you’re not charged for something you didn’t do.
  • Consider extra space: If your rental property includes a separate storage unit or storage space, make sure everything you need is removed and taken care of before you move out. This will prevent you from scrambling to find a place for these items on moving day.

all details for move in, some of which are:

  • Notify your new landlord.
  • Get a parking permit.
  • Confirm when you get the keys.
  • Get furniture sliders.
  • Pack systematically.
  • Check your apartment or house before leaving.

which areas we serve

For us, there is no move too small or too big. Best Miami Movers is here to deliver your personal belongings quickly within the same city, state or country, and for no problem intershipping.

We aim at exceeding your best expectations and will bring you peace of mind at a great price. Call us at +1(305) 889-9566 for more information and a free quote today.

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