Appliances Moving

Make a new home 100% liveable by appliance moving service

One of the difficult tasks during the move is the transportation of household and office equipment. If the transportation rules are violated, the appliances may be damaged. Therefore, it is important that professionals prepare equipment for relocation and transportation. As an appliance moving company Best Miami Movers has experience in the transportation of fragile goods and is ready to guarantee the safety of any equipment during the move.

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Kitchen appliance movers

Overall kitchen functionality can’t be fulfilled without the numerous devices that make household chores run nice and easy. Before actual accommodation in your new housing needful appliances should be entirely transported and take their place in a specific order which would be the most comfortable to exploit. With that in mind our movers will kindly assist with rearrangement of appliances, so could get an easy access to it.

Refrigerator moving service

As to our experience, we wouldn’t recommend you to move the refrigerator on your own. Its condenser coils can be easily torn out or crushed while inaccurate passing through the doorway. That’s why you better draw upon fridge movers, so they could load and unload it safely. We cover the refrigerator condenser coils with bubble wrap and shrink-wrap the device all over to protect its sides and front from scratching.

Another great part of hiring movers for a fridge is that they already have the devices for moving heavy furniture and appliances. Moreover, they’re used to handling them. So, you don’t need to worry that some of the walls at your new housing will be hit or scratched while the fridge being hauled inside.

Stove and dishwasher moving

Just before moving those things make sure that you:

  1. Turned off and disconnected both contrivances from gas and water lines;
  2. Removed all the dishes from the washer; pulled out the bottom drawer, and took off the stove racks.
  3. Prepared all of the removable parts of machines for transportation.

If you acquire assistance in dismounting integrated appliances, please wait for our assemblers to have a look at them. Those items can be quickly detached and packed by them along with the original furniture set. In our practice, moving kitchen appliances is usually inseparable from the relocation of the rest of the furniture, because they should be carried in the same truck. Later on, it will be easier to bring them in the same order into new housing.

Washer and dryer moving service

The note-worthy thing about moving washer and dryer is that those devices are uneasy to move upstairs due to their heaviness and width. That’s why we advise you to leave it to our able-bodied loaders to manage their lifting from the ground to the upper floors and backward.

Washer & dryer movers can take the cargo right into your flat in the apartment building without hindrance. For that, they use an ergonomically designed appliance dolly with protection strips on its side pillars. Whether a washing machine or a dryer are transported, they stay fastened to a dolly with the ratched strap.

Offering you the best way to move washer, dryer, or else

If you need to transport appliances, just call Best Miami Movers. We can pick it up from a warehouse in a store, or come to your office or home, disassemble, load, and transport it to a new place.

As heavy appliance movers we are capable of processing any cargo volumes and do not care about the dimensions of individual items. For example, we will use rigging equipment to load a heavy refrigerator, washing machine, or photocopy machine. If the refrigerator is too high, we will provide a car in to fit it in an upright position.