Artwork Miami Moving

Expedient and safe solutions for moving artwork

The key to relocating any art piece is to be patient and pay attention to the nitty-gritty. Regarding that, we, as a years-experienced art moving company, analyze the conditions, number, sizes, and vulnerabilities of pieces of fine art to conceive their relocation plan. Although, valuable practical experience, a full stack of moving equipment and supplies help us to carry out artwork moving in both promptly and safely way.

You can surely rely on the “Best Miami Movers” company if you’re in need for:

  1. Packing artwork for moving. We may guarantee the intactness of the precious paintings, carved sculptures, and décor panels due to our professional approach. The moving teams are aware of the correct position of position artwork for crating and transporting and what fillers and wrapping materials fit best in each case.
  2. Trucking and unloading massive statues. You won’t regret hiring Best Miami Movers statue movers because they’ll manage the relocation of concrete, marble, or bronze figures right the way you want it. Our loader can deliver the human-sized sculptures or statues right to the exhibition venue, artwork space, or into your residence.
  3. Fine art shipping overseas. Hand over the delicate art for shipping to our up-skilled representatives to deliver them abroad or import them to Florida. Our advisor will instruct you on filling in the paperwork required for clearing at customs and estimate the insurance coverage according to your demands.
  4. Miami local storage for the shipped fines arts. As a full spectrum art shipping company we provide convenient and 24-hour accessible self-storage units for rental. The pieces of fine art would be contained under consistent surveillance and security at our storage facility.

Wrapping paintings for moving

• Framed and without glass

Wrapping up wall arts packing paintings for moving is handled as thoroughly as possible. We never use regular wrapping paper for oil paintings it may stick to the canvas. Wrapping paintings for moving also excludes the use of cling wrap, which can create mold. If you want to wrap the artwork to prevent scratching, use a blanket, silicone release paper, unprinted newspaper, or plain wrapping paper.

• Glasscovered painting

For glass-covered artwork special non-marking masking tape is applied to create an X across the glass for added strength and to keep it together in the event of breakage.

• For large paintings

For expensive and large artwork, consider a custom-built crate. The crate can be built around the painting on-site and then disassembled when it reaches its new home. In case the piece needs to be moved long-distance or overseas, crating is not only recommended but definitely required.

For better preservation of multiple paintings, we avoid packing multiple paintings in one box or crate, even without frames. They may scratch against each other in transit and damage the paint or canvas. Therefore, we usually stow the rolled painting and wall arts into mailing tubes.

Moving of statues, carvings, and sculptures

It would be crucial for us to find out from you how the cargo should be properly handled while loading and transporting. Please, make sure that you have discussed the artwork features with the estimator, so the sculpture movers know exactly how to deal with its delivery. Has the piece ever been moved before? Was it moved in or assembled in place? Are there any damages that need to be accounted for in packing? Are there any recommended procedures or instructions for packing or moving the sculpture?

All these will apply no matter the size of the piece. Sometimes a sculpture may appear big and bulky except for a few key fragile pieces that need extreme special care. Understanding those particularities helps packers a lot while reconsidering which safety filler to choose and how the moving crate should be assembled.

Professional art movers to take care of your valuables

As a reputable company with experienced operators and foresight, we can send an estimator out well beforehand to get all details about the piece/s before a moving crew ever shows up to actually do the job. “Best Miami Movers” has moved numerous sculptures, both for private collectors as well as local Miami art galleries, so we know how to take care of people’s valuables, and hence we have a lot of approving customers’ referrals.

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