Apartment & Condo Moving


A change of residence is always an exciting event. Though, it is usually associated with a certain amount of stress due to the need to transport a large number of items. A professional relocation contractor is your best assistant in making the moving smooth and pleasant.

Moving into your first apartment

Living on your own in a separate housing will completely match your expectations, if you have foreseen every detail you might need at the new place. As we carry out moving into a new apartment for young couples and graduates we always make sure that obligatory comforts and appliances are included in the grouped cargo. On top of that, we make sure that the cost of relocation will comply with your budget. We achieve that simply by calculating the most efficient delivery route and offering delivery of associated cargo to your benefit.

Moving out of the apartment to a house and vice versa

While moving out of an apartment into a single-family home or multi-dwelling it is vitally important to do it in a proper time period. Basing on  our experience in apartment moving services we suggest you relocate to a new dwelling during the spring break in order not to interrupt your kids’ education. However, Best Miami Movers may take care of your apt moving all year round. Our managers would perfectly estimate, plan and conduct moving from apartment to house and otherwise within the required time window.

What’s the cost of moving into an apartment

As for the price we provide a fair and accessible cost of apartment relocation. The cost to move one-bedroom apartment starts form 100$ within the Miami metropolitan area and up to 700$ in a case of cross-country relocation. It would cost the same to carry out condo relocation.

Conversely, moving from house to apartment will count just a bit for more. Our apartment moving company may guarantee you safe and secured transportation of home appliances, electronics, furniture, home décor, and pieces of fine arts. We also provide a quality storage service with 24/7 ассess to bulky or rarely used items you want to store elsewhere after you’ve moved in.

Best Miami Movers – the apartment movers you will succeed with!

We specialize in a comprehensive approach to organizing relocations as the focus of our work is primarily on customer comfort and satisfaction. You can order both basic and associated services including: transportation of furniture and other bulky items, installation and dismantlement of household appliances in compliance with all operating rules, special packaging of cargo to ensure its safety during transportation, handling of specific property (antique furniture, musical instruments, etc.) We have all possible tools for the timely execution of orders of any volume. In addition, Best Miami Movers guarantees individual approach and optimal cost of cargo transportation services in compliance with all negotiated terms and conditions to each client. Our company issues the most favorable offers for moving to a new apartment.

Best moving and storage apartment condo price quotes

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