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Tips for cross country move to run it smoothly

The golden rule of successful handling with long-distance move is to take time for thorough planning and undertaking necessary preparations for it beforehand. By doing so you’ll very likely avoid the downtime and accomplish it without any hurdles. So reconsider patiently each stage of it and also pay attention to our tips for a cross-country move.

Things to do before packing up

1. Purge the non-essentials

Downsizing possessions before moving cross-country


Simply by downsizing your possessions you can immensely cut on expenses. Moreover, it will greatly alleviate the unpacking and rearranging right after your arrival and help you get down to useful domestic chores sooner.  So declutter the basement and crawlspace, see if there are stacks of old magazines, CDs, well-worn outfits, or worn-out childish toys. If some of these are to be of value it would be a smart option to organize a garage sale or donate them for charity. Otherwise, you should dispose of it without hesitation.

2. Create the list of necessities

Put down a list of the household items, appliances, devices, furnishings, and decor items you need to move to the new housing. It is essential for moving company as they estimate the total out of it. Besides, the inventory list will help you pack your stuff coherently and not to forget anything essential. And conversely – you may verify the set of belongings delivered to the destination with a list to ensure that not a single thing is missing.

What not to move long distance:

1) The outfit that is inappropriate for weather conditions. Providing that you’re about to move to Florida from Colorado or Michigan, you won’t need winter outfit.

2) Cheap, bulky furniture, especially out of style. There is no need for moving such items, but they can be donated as well as some used linen and clothes.

3) Caustic, toxic or flammable compounds. Those are simply forbidden to move according to regulations. The list of prohibited goods also includes cleaning products and paints, so you should discard them by yourself or order a disposal service.

3. Inspect wooden patio furniture

Make sure there are no signs of verminous insects (wood borers, termites)  bored into the outdoor furniture. It would be quite unpleasant to move the furniture infested with insects across the state and let them spread around the entire neighborhood. So disinsect your furniture if it has worn-out paint coating and never was sprayed with insecticide before.

Packing tips for long distance move

1. Start with the purchase of packing supplies

Packing tips for long distance move

Since you already have an inventory list it would be easy enough to pick out a sufficient number of packing consumables. You might make use of the empty packaging you find at home also to transport some electronics. There is also a lifehack for using old bedsheets, towels, and even items of clothing as padding to wrap fragile goods. Do not overlook such measures.

However, the is always a lack of boxes of appropriate size to stow in all of your belongings. On that occasion, you might purchase the packing supplies from a moving company. They may provide you the cardboard boxes big enough to pack in home appliances like a fridge or washing machine.

2. Group belongings from each room and label packages

This is an easy way to avoid bustle when it comes to unpacking. Firstly, we recommend you to complect the primary set for Day One. It may include some basics like kitchen utensils (plates, flatware, pans), everyday outfits, health care products, cosmetics, etc. Then it would be better to deal with packing of kitchen and dining, later move on to the kids and parent rooms. Each set should be labeled with a sticker and signed out with a sharpie. Remember to make a noticeable mark on the boxes containing fragile items.

3. Do not pack the documents and essential papers

Hold your documents at handy during the move

Flag Visa Travel Passport Usa Identification

A birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, and the rest of essential personal documents should always stay handy. Also be aware if you might need the lease agreement, property deed, latest tax returns, and bank statements shortly after you settle in. Carry them with you and be sure that your family members do the same.

4. Do not pack food or liquids

Mind that any food might get spoiled due to the unappropriated thermal conditions or being in the way too long. Not to mention that it can be crushed or even attract the vermin. As for the liquids, even well-sealed vessels aren’t protected from accidental damage during trucking. And the leakage during long-distance shipping cannot be spotted and eliminated on sight.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that moving companies usually deliver long-distance shipments as the grouped cargo that includes other peoples’ belongings too. It might be quite an unpleasant and embarrassing situation if you accidentally cause trouble to another person simply because of the improperly sealed jar of zucchini or can of paint. So adhere to our long-distance moving advice and do not add liquids to the rest of the packages.

How much do long distance movers cost

On average moving beyond the state costs 2,200-2,300 $ for reaching Miami from NYC and about 4,400-4,700 for Miami to California relocation. So moving total mainly depends on the distance of the shipment. Of course, it is also a number of working staff involved that affects the moving rate, special type of boxing, or specific labor that could be provided.

Best Miami Movers - long-distance moving service in Miami, FL

Speaking of specialty cargo, you can find out how much does it cost to move a piano long-distance from our account managers. They’ll willingly help you. For interstate relocation Best Miami Movers company offers you:

  • relocation of bulky items (non-demountable furniture, standalone safes, arcade machines, or pianos ) at transparent and moderate pricing;
  • firm and sustainable crates for the transportation of sculptures and antiques;
  • tubes and frame boxes for pictures that will keep your valuables intact and unscathed;
  • tailoring delivery time window for your convenience and many more.

Feel free to address your request for cross-country moving to our specialists once you’ve drawn up the inventory list.