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Beats MeBeats Me
23:27 20 Feb 24
Very good service and they quickly took care of all my furniture. Excellent super recommended
Follmer AgataFollmer Agata
15:23 13 Feb 24
They should deffinitely change their Brand name for WORST Miami Movers. Terrible experience !
It's striking how immediately after a bad review from seemingly real users, excellent ratings from users with only one review appear, and they almost say they would move every week just to hire this company (LOL). This company has serious issues with its personnel. There's a man with a Russian accent who is extremely violent and rude, could be Boris. It's curious that several reviews mention this character, and coincidentally the latest one praises him... it seems written by the company, haha. I won't be hiring this company again it was very stressful
irma nazarioirma nazario
21:11 11 Feb 24
i have moved a few times and this is the best company i ever had. they are very carefully, and responsible with all my belongings. i highly recommend them.
Ines CabalInes Cabal
21:08 11 Feb 24
Boris and Mark were very nice and organized. He moved from my apartment in Miami Beach and then we picked up.at another home in Westchester. Rake everything to the storage in Dora. I would recommend them very much to everbody.
Cobalto ApartmentsCobalto Apartments
12:19 11 Feb 24
Unfortunately, my experience with this moving company was extremely disappointing. The personnel they sent were not only rude but also exhibited violent behavior, as I had read in other reviews. The individual they assigned to assist with the move created tense and unsafe situations. I strongly advise against using this company for any moving needs
Chris AFCChris AFC
14:43 09 Feb 24
We hired this company's service to pick up a new refrigerator from a store and take it to a vacation rental apartment where I was hosting a guest. The company picked up the refrigerator on time and headed to the apartment, so far everything was perfect and wonderful. I had asked the apartment's caretaker, a very kind woman who is used to attending to guests and suppliers, to receive this company and accompany them to the apartment. She told me from the beginning that there was a man named Boris who was very aggressive and disrespectful, but she would know how to handle him. Once in the apartment, Boris behaved horribly, yelling and mistreating my caretaker and the guest, a woman who was with children in the apartment. Along with him, there was another employee who was very kind, but he had no power over Boris. To remove the old refrigerator, he brought a cart, but Boris decided it was better to drag it out, scratching the entire apartment floor and breaking a wall lamp. My caretaker told him that she would need to report the damages, and Boris got even angrier and started taking the new refrigerator as well and threatening and yelling inside the apartment. He sat in the living room and started taking videos of the people there, including the kids, so we had to call building security and the police. His attitude not only caused damage to the apartment but also required me to compensate the upset guest who endured his mistreatment and shouting. There was no one else in the company to call in that moment, but later on, I was attended by who I believe was the owner. Although he was very surprised by his employee's attitude, he showed no intention of repairing either the damages or the staff's attitude but it is true that I did not want to claim more either. I believe that the staff of this company poses a risk to those who hire them, Boris's aggressive attitude towards women is intolerable, and his violence will end badly at some point. That is why I am now writing this review with absolute surprise because what happened to me hiring this company has never happened before. Totally unacceptable.
16:16 01 Feb 24
During the move, we used this agency twice. I would recommend them to anyone. The guys are quick, extremely careful, and highly professional! You really can’t go wrong with them. We will continue to call on them whenever we need services of this kind, and we’ll also recommend them to all our friends.
Genesis SaldanaGenesis Saldana
23:06 21 Jan 24
Great movers. I recommend it!
Victoria KVictoria K
19:42 21 Jan 24
I had the opportunity to utilize the services of this moving company for my relocation, and my satisfaction with their service knows no bounds. From the commencement to the conclusion, the entire process unfolded seamlessly and efficiently.The team exhibited a remarkable level of professionalism and expertise. They adhered to the schedule, handling the packing, loading, and unloading with meticulous care. What particularly impressed me was their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the secure packing and transportation of all my belongings.Not only were the movers efficient, but they also exuded friendliness and approachability. They attentively listened to my specific requirements and went the extra mile to accommodate them. Their positive demeanor significantly eased the stress associated with the moving experience.The pricing structure was fair and transparent, devoid of hidden fees or surprises. I valued the honesty and integrity demonstrated by the company throughout the entire process. The exceptional value for the service received was evident.I 100% recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable and professional moving service. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with their expertise, positions them as a premier choice for those desiring a stress-free and seamless moving experience. I appreciate their outstanding service and would not hesitate to engage them again in the future.

Miami local movers: packing, relocation, storage.

Best Miami Movers company provides professional local and long-distance moving services 24/7 for private and commercial customers

All Moving Services

Unmatched time-bound moving service with flat rates and optimal routing. We`re locating in your city so you`ll get a quick moving service near you in just 1 call.

Affordable Rate Planning

We guarantee the best moving price solutions for every moving relocation or storage project. We work with all countries and directions.

Professional Movers

By treating every relocation project as unique and offering affordable & professional value and service, Best Miami Movers is a clear choice. Our workers strictly follow corporate standards of communication and always improving skills. Trucks are technically maintained, cleaned, and ready to do moving, relocation, storage of any cargo.

Safe & Secure

No matter what the moving destination, your cargo will reach on time and intact. We care a lot about being safe, we do our best for our customer's safety.

Best Miami Movers – Convenience and a Comprehensive Range of Services

When you decide to move to Miami, take advantage of professional assistance to save both time and money. At Best Miami Movers, we offer regular residential and commercial moving services for our clients across the USA and beyond.
Efficiency, accuracy, and affordable rates for transportation and storage services have made us one of the best movers in Miami. If you’re planning to move to a new apartment, family home, or office building, Best Miami Movers can guarantee:

  • Competitive pricing for moving quotes;
  • Optimal choice of trucks, PODs, and trailers based on the volume of goods and cargo;
  • Efficient and prompt handling of all types of cargo delivery documents (estimate, bill of lading, shipping invoice);
  • Additional storage service for temporary or permanent warehousing.

Why Choose Best Miami Moving Local Service?

The number of requests for residential and business moves within the Miami metropolitan area is constantly increasing due to the booming real estate market and rapid urban expansion. Moving companies in Miami, Florida, must address a wide variety of relocation needs. Keeping up with the demands, Best Miami Movers offers a range of local moving services, including:

  • Apartment and condo relocation within the city;
  • Family home moving to and from the suburbs;
  • Business office relocation (including custom night and weekend loading);
  • Campus moving for students and entrants;
  • Piano moving services in Miami;
  • Removal and disposal of debris from construction or renovation;
  • Last-mile moving with door-to-door delivery of belongings.

Our mission is to meet your needs with carefully planned trucking. In addition to loading and transporting, we offer the convenience of placing appliances, furniture, and electronics at the customer’s location. Feel free to inform our manager, so the workers will position the heaviest items exactly where they should be.
Even if you urgently need to relocate, Best Miami Movers can schedule your move to minimize disruptions. Downtown Miami movers will choose the shortest route and optimal hours to avoid traffic. If you need to move to Miami during peak tourist season, we can also arrange transportation to ensure timely arrival at your vacation residence or rented beach house. Trust Best Miami Movers to make it happen before you arrive.

Expert Long-Distance Miami Movers for International and Interstate Moves

With the well-developed port facilities of Dodge Island and Miami International Airport, Miami is ideally suited for shipping from abroad. For interstate moves, Best Miami Movers offers safe and convenient trucking throughout the United States. Our long-distance Miami movers service leverages logistics schemes refined over decades. Constant real-time updates on cargo location ensure you can track your delivery from start to finish, right up to your doorstep.

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Stress-Free Flat Rate Miami Moving with No Hidden Fees

From the very start of our collaboration, you’ll know exactly how much your moving service and shipping costs will be, with no surprise fees or hidden charges – just a simple flat rate for your Miami move.

Feel confident when ordering any services related to flat rate Miami moving in any direction and additional features. Our Miami moving professionals guarantee quality, reliability, and safety for all your belongings, with freight insurance included. This applies to any valuable items, especially antiques, ensuring compliance with all process requirements.

Moving advices to make your relocation easier

Best Miami Movers fresh news, tips & tricks about relocation, moving, packing, transportation and storage services.

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Our Company’s Safety Measures in 2023

The ongoing pandemic has affected all aspects of our everyday lives, bringing challenges and limitations. However, our Best Miami Movers company has created the conditions necessary to ensure that your move remains safe and secure.
We adhere to all national and local guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitation.

We strive to minimize the pandemic’s impact on our work, providing our services 24/7 as usual. You can learn more about us on the Best Miami Mover’s company page.

Feel free to consult our online experts about our moving quotes. Here, you can discover details about our interstate moving directions (including relocation from/to Miami, moving to NYC, relocation to Canada, Europe, and all international flat rate moving directions). Additionally, we can assist with long-distance moves and office or business relocations.

How long does it take to move across the country
Developing a relocation plan is crucial, especially during the pandemic. Our professionals will help you create a plan that guarantees a safe and secure move.

Our moving company places a high priority on maintaining a clean and disinfected environment. We always have the necessary disinfectants on hand, and our staff adheres to the strictest safety measures. Best Miami Movers Miami local movers ensure proper hand hygiene, medical mask usage, and protection against the virus. Our Miami moving team regularly disinfects all vehicles to provide peace of mind during your move.