Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Do you only carry full loads?

No, part loads & groupage are a large part of our business. We adjust every shipping procedure so it could cost less and drive as much benefit from freight transport capacity as possible. Groupage loads transportation is reasonable for long-distance and long-distance moving, while part loads might be productive for short routes and local relocation service, e.g. on the backtrack.

What weight can you carry?

We offer to move commercial or residential property in trailers, semi-trailers, mini-buses and PODs. Maximum load capacity of these vehicles counts:

  • Trailer & semitrailer – 24 t;
  • Mini-Bus – 1.5 t;
  • POD – 5,200 lbs. or 2,36 t (6ft size); 4,700 lbs. or 2,13 t (6ft size); 4,200 lbs. or 1,9 t (15ft size).

Do you carry hazardous goods?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide hazardous materials transportation. In case you’re unable to use up or give away flammable, caustic, or toxic products before moving, they should be appropriately disposed. Our company may offer quick, convenient and totally eco-friendly disposal of hazardous goods. Contact our account managers to learn more about this service.

What areas do you cover?

Our company delivers commercial property and manages residential relocation from and to Florida across the U.S. On top of that, we carry out the long-distance moving and provide ground-level delivery of cargo in shipping containers. Residents and people who resettle in Miami metropolitan area may use our local moving and storage services for exceptionally affordable pricing.

How do I get in touch with the driver?

We understand that some of our clients might need to arrange the details of delivery directly with the driver, e.g. when they should inform him where to park after arrival. You may require the dispatch of our moving service to share the driver’s contacts or let him communicate with the driver and track the location of your belongings.

How are your vehicles maintained?

Our maintenance department specialists thoroughly inspect each vehicle before departure to approve their safety and functional condition. Our car fleet is checked due to the prescribed terms: oil system and brake system – after each 2000 miles crossed, wheel pressure – weekly. Revealed malfunctions and dysfunctional spares are removed immediately.

Do you offer coverage for transported items?

Of course, you may assign the insurance policy for released-value or full-value on your demand. Best Miami Movers consultant will provide you with details on the cost of insurance and order of coverage payment with Best Miami Movers consultant.

What should I do to keep floors clean and undamaged during the move?

To keep your floors clean, we recommend placing heavy-duty mats on both sides of the entrance of a front door and within the building. You should also sweep walkways in front of the house and cover the passages between rooms with backup floor coverings: old blankets and rugs, cardboard sheets. You may additionally form indoor and outdoor teams of loaders not to bring much of a dirt and mud from a street, especially when it’s wet or snowy outside.

How is your company mitigating Coronavirus health risks?

We care about the elimination of COVID-19 contamination risk and follow the guidelines of CDC to alleviate the risk for our clients. Movers of Best Miami Movers use personal protection equipment all the way while working at your office or residence.

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