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Office Move in Miami

Just like a family can outgrow a home, businesses can outgrow an office space. 

Unfortunately, moving an office is not just stressful, it also means losing money every day. Businesses relocate on average every seven years, whether it’s for business growth, company relocation, or simply a change of scene, moving offices can have a massive impact on your employees. 

Some people may be excited about moving back into the office, whilst some may find the change a daunting process, but that’s okay because there are a few steps you can take to keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

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Office move tips

Whether relocating to different workspaces or accommodating a hybrid workforce, you and your business must be well-prepared for the move. So, if you’re considering moving to a serviced office or coworking space – remember two things, communication and preparation are key.

And that’s where we’re here to help – discover our handy guide to help you make a move without unnecessary stress.

Consider your office move needs

Naturally, there can be an incredible number of reasons for moving an office. It may be business development and the need for more space. Or it is extremely important for you that the office is perceived as a coat of arms of the company and attracts new customers and talented employees.

Moving your office can make changes in your company for the better:

  • increase the morale of your staff,
  • increase productivity
  • expose your business to more talented potential employees.

Which of the reasons are you pursuing?

Plan your office move

Planning always radically changes all processes, and you know how it affects the business. But for our part, we can recommend planning as a necessity. Here are some small tips for planning your company move:

  • make a schedule for moving the office
  • make sure the new location has IT and more than just capabilities
  • think about what the new template will look like and its design
  • assess how the move will affect ongoing projects
  • choose reliable movers that will help you save time and unexpected expenses

If you have not yet been able to decide on a moving company, we are here to take all your worries away. Best Miami Movers has extensive experience in office relocation and can help you plan your move.

Planning your budget

How to move without incurring significant losses due to business interruption? What should you consider when calculating the cost of your move? As the manager of all processes, you can determine for yourself how relevant the relocation will be right now and whether the move will be too expensive.

Here is a list for you to identify and discover hidden costs. Which may catch you when moving:

  • Contract break fees 
  • Administrative/agency fees 
  • Security 
  • Rent 
  • Removal company/relocation suppliers 
  • Insurance
  • Service charges
  • Refurbishment/interior design fees
  • Storage fees
  • Utilities 
  • Connectivity and communications provider fees
  • Post redirection
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Office packing in Miami

Creating a project task checklist

During a business pause, all of your processes are likely to be idle. You’ll need to be very agile in planning your office changeover. Moving your office doesn’t have to be a low-hanging fruit and cause your company to suffer. With a personalized strategy, you can not only move successfully, but also maintain good customer relations while avoiding the inconvenience of your employees.

Of course, it would be very heroic to take on the entire move. We recommend delegating a significant portion among your team. After calculating the budget and including all possible expenses for moving your office, the stage of completing all tasks and reorganization begins.

  • Determine the person responsible for the move
  • Allow plenty of time for the planning process 
  • Establish your priorities (but not just within the senior leadership team) 
  • Outline your budget criteria 
  • Create a realistic timeline and stick to it 

Communicate externally

Create a change-of-address list. Send an email or snail mail notification to let your clients and customers know where they can reach you going forward.

Update company address listings. See a list below of subscriptions, mailing listings, and websites where your current address will need to be updated so your business doesn’t fall by the wayside during the move.

  • Business accounts
  • Company website
  • Social media accounts
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Listings on Google, Yelp, and other review sit

Congratulations, you made it! If you survived your office move without too much stress, it’s time to pause and celebrate. 

We hope our list will help you get organized. If you are looking for office movers, our experts The Best Miami Movers are always ready to help you with all your relocation needs.