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Top 7 Piano Moving Tips From the Best Movers 2022

Moving can be stressful but moving with a piano can be an ordeal. Our welcoming and experienced staff will help your move go effortlessly, without the extortionate price.

1) Look after your most valuable items 

Good-quality furniture is irreplaceable. This could be due to a sought-after design, or sentimental value. Many expensive pieces are vintage/retro or non-demountable solid wood furniture. Avoid the unnecessary risk to special items that you are accustomed to. No matter the type or reason for safeguarding, you should enlist the help of our moving team, which is ready and eager to help you in any way they can.

2) Safely moving your piano

Although it is possible to move an assembled piano, this is considered bad practice as it vastly increases the likelihood of damage, so it’s worthwhile to enlist the help of professionals. 

Best Miami movers are trained and well-equipped to deal with delicate items such as these, without breaking a sweat. Our savvy movers can disassemble, pack with protective materials, load onto and unload from the vehicle, and reassemble at your new destination. Click to learn more about our Miami-based piano moving.

3) Ensure your movers have relevant training/experience

Always check that anyone you entrust your most prized possessions to, knows what they are doing, to avoid unnecessary expenses. At Best Miami Movers, we have many years of experience in this business and have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to successfully transport your piano without hassle.

4) Get to know the equipment that will be used

We have a vast number of materials and equipment at your disposal. These include, but are not limited to, protective fabrics, shoulder straps for lighter pianos, and manual forklifts for heavier ones. Through the use of void fillers, we can protect the sides of the instrument from damage.

5) Consider the time of day for your move

If you’re concerned about the severity of tune changes, choosing to move your piano earlier in the morning or later in the evening will be best, as the lower temperatures will minimize humidity within the van. We will work hard to accommodate your needs and suit your requests.

6) Tune after the move

A good rule of thumb is to tune your piano after any move, as the instrument is susceptible to the subtlest changes. Although they are built to withstand many years of use, the minor vibrations of transport can sometimes shift internal parts, which may affect tune. However, the most significant contributor affecting the instrument’s tune will be the changes in humidity from your previous location, to your new one. This means you may notice gradual changes after your move, rather than immediate ones.

7) Get in touch and rest easy

Whether it be an upright piano or a grand piano, we have a wide variety of tools and equipment to prepare your piano for transport, as well as undertaking the move as a whole. If you are moving internationally, make sure to read our long-distance moving tips for 2022. Don’t let the stress of moving get you down. Feel free to reach out to us straight away, on +1(305)889-9566 for a quote and comprehensive consultation.