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What to do when you move into a rented property

Shifting to a rented house or apartment is fairly advantageous decision, especially in South East Florida and Miami-Dade county. The tenants have a quite high probability to get a good offer due to a fast-growing rental market in the state and competitive pricing. However, renters should be attentive to plenty of details when it comes to picking out their future habitat. We would recommend to carefully analyze lease terms, make overall impression of neighborhood, and keep in mind many other things before the actual moving. This new rental property checklist should be of assistance for your residential move.

What to consider before signing a lease?

1. Take a look around at the neighborhood

Neigbourhood observation before moving to rented residence


Don’t limit yourself with the exterior photos and description of the estate given in classifieds, but inspect its location on your own. During that pay attention to amenities nearby like bus stops, parkings lots, convenience stores, gas stations, gyms, drug stores and clinics. Whether you’re moving along with the kids pay a visit to the schools and preschool institutions nearbyу and inquiry their administration about teaching, sport classes, security measures and whatever you find necessary. In the event that all the amenities and social infrastructure meet your demands, you can doubtlessly opt for chosen rental dwelling. Otherwise, you should go on with search. Write down a list of key preferences for amenities you wish to have around your new residence and verify with it while looking for a better deal.

2. Learn the lease terms in detail

Sighning a lease with landlord

Even if you are well-experienced in signing rental agreements, peruse new document thoroughly and patiently. Wouldn’t be out of place to show the papers to your realtor agent or legal counsellor to look them over and ask for their expertise. Lease terms might contain several points that should be taken into more careful consideration like:

  • the amount of security deposit, conditions of its reclaim and withholding;
  • pet policy;
  • maintenance and upkeep duties;
  • an order of monthly fee payment;
  • rules for breaking the lease.

Don’t be afraid to appear picky in the eyes of landlord and inquire him about whatever seems unclear to you. Find out whether it is possible for you to sublet the apartment or a house if you might be away for a great deal of time. Please, remember to check the open legal sources to learn as much as possible about some of the crucial moments regarding lease agreement, before getting it confirmed.

3. Arrange the move in/move out checklist with the landlord

Occasionally, there could be some insignificant touch of run-down and already existing flaws on furniture and interior present in the premises. In order for you not to be accused for causing that damage make sure you’ve taken photos and drawn the attention of landlord to them. Take time for putting move in/move out checklist that will include particular features to be checked before settling in and after your leave. On one hand, that will help to evaluate the degree of damage done to the rented property, so that you won’t be obliged to cover pre-existed detriment. On the other hand – it could be the ground for you to bargain for the lesser safety deposit or rental fee.

Moving into new rented house checklist

Besides the above mentioned points to consider the relocation to a new house will require from you these few things.

1. Make sure that utilities are completely functional

Unless you want to find yourself in a house with no electricity, water, and gas supply, you should check if the utilities work stable. Otherwise, find out from a landlord the contacts of a residential service company to make them launch or fix the utility equipment and inform you about it. If you need a faster internet connection or want to install a satellite dish, let the landlord in your plans and discuss whether they are possible to implement.

2. Inquiry about the rules regarding customization

Customization of rented house

Obviously, the internal wall finishing with totally out-of-style wallpapers and particularly execrable coloring is no good for your residence. So that would be reasonable to customize this dull surrounding as you like, but don’t forget to address this issue with the landlord. Most of the rental property owners usually have no objections to wall repaint on condition that the tenants compensate the spending on the restoration of the original coloring afterward they leave. It might be that the landlord would support the idea of cosmetic changes as well and would split the expenses together with you

3. Get to know with your neighbors

Getting to know the neigbours after shifting homes

Now that you’ve arranged the terms of house rental, it would be a good move to introduce yourselves and get to know the neighbors. The acquaintance with families nearby may help you understand their habits, lifestyle, and background. Surely, it is not about obligation, but about being amiable and involved. Since you act polite and sincere, you can derive pretty much from strengthening bonds with your new community. Neighbors could be of assistance to keep an eye on your property while you away, recommend you some nice places to visit nearby, good medical institutions or schools.

The must-does after settling in

Once you have relocated into the new housing, it is worth to develop some rules to consistently abide by. These are the follow-ups for you after the moving into rental property.

1. Get renters insurance shortly after you’ve moved in

Despite the fact that you might have obtained the prime rental house or apartment in the safe and untroubled part of town the possible misfortune cannot be excepted fully.  The fires, floods, break-ins or thefts still might endanger your belongings. Through putting down the deposit for the renters insurance policy you’ll be covered and have an opportunity to restore part of the loss.

2. Do a deep clean of the property

The earlier you clean the premises, the cozier and safer for health your accommodation will be. It is crucial to get to cleaning as quickly as possible since you might be in the dark about who lived in this residence previously and was there any cleaning after they left. Start with the dusting off and vacuuming, and then go on to moping. While vacuuming the dust, do not overlook the most deep-seated dirt under the furniture, sofas, and in corners. Also, wipe out clean overused surfaces and thoroughly sanitize the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Do not  neglect the property maintenance

At the exact moment, you’ve spotted the pipes leakage or any other malfunction of appliances or utility equipment, you should react immediately. Protraction in finding a solution to these issues won’t do any better. So inform the landlord of those cases right away. The common practice for repair is when the landlord deals with these problems and pays off the troubleshooting. Although in some circumstances, it might be your responsibility to call and schedule the repairman. Moreover, after the work has been finished you must check if everything is running as supposed.

4. Automate monthly rental payments

Launching the monthly fee transfers via online banking will eliminate any chance of paying it off of date. By doing so, you will no longer be bothered with keeping in mind the terms for rental payment and be able to carry them out even while being on vacation or business travel.

Time to get moving scheduled!

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