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How long does it take to move

In all conscience, the home relocation at times seems tedious and spanning for ages. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t make you feel like a victim of circumstance and get you down. In fact, you can and must be prepared to go through the necessary stages of residential relocation with chin up. 

We realize that most you’re asking yourself “how long does it take to move house?”. That’s why we’re up to share with you today the ideas worth considering to keep you organized and consistent during the moving preparations and its proceeding. And what’s more important – calm and immune to stress.

Actual time frame that you can face

There is plenty of factors in one way or another affecting how much time it takes to move. Those are specific packing requirements depending on overall quantity of household goods and the way they should be treated, number of furniture to disassemble before stowing into the moving truck and many others. But let’s detach ourselves for a while from these details and focus on how long does it take for movers to move your home in general. According to our first-hand experience and analysis of customers feedback, the moving team will spend this amount of time:

  • To pack and load studio or one-bedroom apartment: 2-3 h;
  • To get done with a two-bedroom residence: 3-5 h;
  • For a three or four-bedroom one: up to 7 h;
  • For five and above: 8-10 h.

How long does it take movers to load a truck

As you can see there is only one day to be given away to an actual movers’ work. On top of that, you must realize that these are only raw timeframes estimates that help professional moving companies to evaluate the sufficient number of moving crew members. In fact, the entire job may flow much faster regarding that you’ve dealt with packing in advance.

The client-oriented approach supported with flexible logistics of Best Miami Movers allows you to schedule the move on any preferable day.  We can divide the relocation into several stages in case that you won’t be able to stay at home long enough for a single day. All that’s needed from you is to voice your demands to our account managers, so they could take them into account and develop an appropriate moving schedule.

What else stretches the moving time-span?

The number of residential premises gives just a general idea of how long does it take to pack an apartment and load belongings into a truck. As a matter of fact, lots of circumstances might slow down the moving process. But as long the moving company is aware of them they shouldn’t be that challenging to cope with. Those are:

Need to move oversized loads

For instance, to move a piano, pool tables or arcade machines from rumpus room might take a while because movers apply the shoulder forklifts, moving dollies and similar equipment to lift and carry those safely.

Number of loose and unpacked items

It’s a common situation, when the furnishings are being disassembled and packed right on the day of moving out.

How long does it take to pack an apartment

Quantity of fragile goods to move

The more delicate things you have to pack, the more precise and meticulous the packing would be. Based on our experience, we advise you to entrust handling the wrapping of high-cost pieces of artwork and antiques to our movers. They know exactly what to do to deliver them in pristine condition right back to you.

Accessibility for the moving truck

Location of driveways and curb parking curb stops might be disadvantageous in particular cases. As a consequence, sometimes movers have to think out-of-the-box to find the place they may conveniently park a truck.

(Un)easy to navigate doorways and hallways

Some hallways and doorways that are awkward to pass might become a pain to the moving team. It is essential to give movers enough room to maneuver whether they need to carry away belongings from the office, apartment or family house.

Number of flights of stairs

Like for the passages and hallways, those should be spacious enough for handymen to navigate through with their burden. Make it is sufficiently lit and not cluttered with something that might block the way up and downtatirs.

Size and load capacity of the elevator, its accessibility

Up and running elevators would immensely simplify lifting and taking your packages down. If you’re planning to move to a high or low-rise building that was recently put into operation, it would be a nice idea to inquire with the property maintenance manager about whether the elevator is running or not. Perhaps, it would be possible to speed up hoisting and not pay extra for hoisting your items upstairs.

Weather conditions

Inclimate weather, unfortunately, takes its toll on the moving process. Moving out on a rainy day or during blizzard surely isn’t worth it, better wait until they’ll settle.

How long does it take to move across the country

Distance between departure and destination point

Approximate timing for moving home interstate is from 2 to 5 days. Yet, there’s a traffic situation and available routes that affect the duration of trucking your belongings. Obviously, delivering the load within the rural area aside from federal highways would be more time-efficient compared to hauling it between metropolices and making a way through the thoroughfares of large cities.

As you can see, most of these factors might cause a considerable delay during the move. Therefore, you should inform your contractor on these circumstances so they could figure out how to minimize their impact on moving task progress. The mutual communication on the estimation stage is vitally important to prevent any possible hurdles.

How long does it take to move to another country

How long does it take to ship household goods overseas

From a scratch to relocate internationally can take between one and three months. On average, it is correct to speak about relocation within six weeks if you’re about to move a frugal amount of belongings. International shipping by the sea is the cheapest and most common way to transfer home belongings abroad. Although it takes between 25 and 31 days and is three times longer than aircraft shipping, it is rather sought-after because of easy processing of shipments and ability to move large households inexpensively.

Take time to prepare your new place

How long does it take to move in a house

It is also essential to clean up and put things in order at your new place to make it feel more cozy and welcoming. There are a couple of ways to do it:

  • You may involve your family members to rush through cleaning;
  • If you move into a rented property arrange with the landlord the terms when the residence should be prepared for moving in;
  • For an urgent move, you can apply for a cleaning service company.

Either way it would be useful to make some finishing touches by yourself if you select the last two options. There is always a slim chance that you could have missed something. Probably you might need a new hall tree or curtains before relocating to a new home.

Closing out your old property

How long does it take to move out

Speaking of tidying up around the place, you should do the same in your old place to please your current landlord and new tenants that will settle in after you. That means it could take time to repair some insignificant damages: restore the paint on the walls, remove scuffing marks on flooring, change caulking on the bathtub, and fix some furniture parts. So have an idea of how long will it take to get done with these repairs before you may switch to the actual moving out.

Don’t forget about cleaning up as well. Vacuum the floors, dust out the surfaces, clean out the limescale in the bathroom and toilet to make a positive impression on the people who will come after you. Providing that you’re carrying out the general cleaning by yourself, it will likely take a whole day until you finish. If you’re in hurry, hiring a cleaner woe would be a better option to save time.

With Best Miami Movers company you can always optimize the relocation task the way it won’t take long and distress you with everlasting waiting. Our moving specialists will promptly assess the scope of work and run your moving task on schedule. You shouldn’t worry at all if any unexpected hurdles occur during the moving day, trucking, or arriving at the drop-off site. There’s a trained and upskilled moving team by your side to take care of them all. So feel free to address your requests to our managers to make your long-awaited move finally happen.