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When should you start packing to move: practical tips

Chasing after time in order to catch up with your plans may force you to carry out home relocation during a quite busy period when the federal roads are overflowing  with other resettlers heading to Florida. In the Sunshine State, the peak moving season unsurprisingly comes in Summer. The lion’s share of moving tasks proceed from April to September. Therefore, the overstretched movers might put back your application in their working schedule.

With years of experience in moving assistance Best Miami Movers is constantly aware of such an affair and ready to rise to a challenge. Our head of logistics correspondingly calculates the proficient number of freight vehicles in the most sought-after moving directions and works out the most cost-effective delivery routes. The operative personnel are getting trained and divided into mobile teams that might come to your assistance 24/7. On top of that, our customers may take advantage of full-service storage units to contain their belongings if their office premises and homes are yet not ready for moving in.

Let’s focus on where to start packing when moving to relocate seamlessly and quickly regardless of the seasonal specifics. Here are some true-and-tried tips you may heed on. Be sure – they’re worthwhile.

Getting ready to move without delays

How to organize packing to make it less time-consuming

The first thing that you should keep in mind while starting with pre-moving choirs is that the entire process should be split into separate stages you must go through consistently. Offhand preparations would be your worst enemy. Take up a notebook, have a seat, and draw up a plan that you’ll abide by. In order to be precise and get done with your relocation in time try to remember the golden rule: get on with packing your stuff at least 3 weeks before the assigned moving day. Though, you’ll make it much easier on yourself if you get down 1to it 6 or 8 weeks prior to an actual moving day. Inasmuch, you’ll have some spare time to revise the job that’s done, remember if there was something you’ve missed out during your preparations, and last but not least – allow yourself and your family some well-deserved rest.

See how the moving preparations might be handled one by one within each separate time span. Also, keep in mind that our relocation service can help you out with specific features like furniture disassembly and piano moving. With our workers’ aid you will ensure that the most costly and precious belongings will be shipped safely.

8-6 weeks till moving out: Purge out the rubbish, decide what you need for the new household

Decluttering for a move - where should I start

Carry out a clean-up. That would give you a room to work on the gathering and packing of essentials. Most certainly, there are tons of out-of-use tools, household goods, and old ruggy cloth piled up and gathering dust in your garage, closets, and attic. Take a glance at them to see whether they are too shabby or still viable. 

If you consider that some of those things are worthless, simply discard them. In the meantime still functional things like houseware, electric, and manual tools might serve a useful purpose. But be rational – if those things would only burden the move and there would be no room for them at your new dwelling it would be better to donate or resell them online.

We suggest you work through the clean-up this way:

  1. Revise the contents of each room consequently starting from your bedroom
  2. Then get to the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.
  3. Continue with purging off the garage and attic.
  4. As you declutter premises, go on to sorting usable and unserviceable items distinguishing the ones you wish to transfer to a new home.

With such an approach you’ll provide yourself a comfortable environment to proceed further packing and have a full comprehension of the scope of your move. In its turn, it will help you to figure out what would be an approximate moving cost.

5th week: Get rid of and sell items of no use


Selling out the unwanted belongings would be of considerable aid to you and help you to hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, it helps you to downsize the number of moved items and, as a consequence, lessen the transportation cost. Secondly, it gives you some favorable extra earnings to cover the moving-related expenses.


What to do with unwanted stuff when moving

That would be the right way to dispose of the stuff which is not worth selling. The charity organizations like Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) collect all kinds of unwanted things to donate over. You can hand them over some gently-worn clothes and shoes, bedding and linens, household goods, toys, books, even the old electronics, and furniture. Moreover, you can contact charity institution volunteers to schedule their visit for pickup. Note that a donation contribution receipt might help you to apply for a tax deduction, so don’t forget to get one.

4th week: Find a proper moving company

How to choose moving company near Miami, FL

Get a quote from at least 3 different services

With the abundance of moving offers available via the internet, you have a wide selection and can pick out the best moving quote easily. So don’t rush and seize the first-seen offer, act prudently and overview the market in your area. That should help you to considerably save on relocation.

Check if the moving service vendor is licensed

Enlisting the help of licensed movers ensures they are liable and provide release value coverage. To check if a mover is licensed you should follow FMCSA site the company’s USDOT number through the search tool. The USDOT number is the unique identifier for the interstate truckers that allows regulators to collect and store the data on the audit and inspection results, crush investigations, etc. If you didn’t find the company’s USDOT number on its website you may request it from managers. Once you’ve got it, you can retrieve the data reflecting the company’s insurance information, compliance history, license details, and fleet size.

Assess the customers’ feedback on the vendor

Google ranking system and customers’ reviews should help you on how well the company tackles the moving cases. Reviews from Facebook, Trustpilot, Yelp, and other aggregators should guide you in search of reliable service as well.

Ask for referrals from somebody you trust

Naturally, relatives, friends, and realtors may advise you on simply the best option available in your area. See if they are aware of a trustworthy mover near you. It would be absolutely awesome if you’ll get a referral discount for your move.

Request the in-home estimate for sizeable homes

It is reasonable to ask for an estimator to personally take a look at the household you wish to move to when it comes to rather large houses. Quite possible that moving the entire home possessions at once wouldn’t be the better idea. After all, it would require a pretty capacious truck and may significantly surge the fuel expenses and delivery costs. At Best Miami Movers we often offer to transport shipments in a few smaller trucks instead of a big one because it both reduces the driving time and allows drop-offs in places with particularly small driveways.

3-2 weeks till wove out: Get to the packing

Where to start when packing for a move

With 2-3 weeks in reserve, you will effortlessly handle the packing. We can provide you with any consumables needed for DIY packing so you will spend less on moving labor. But if you’re having too much on your plate to deal with it yourself, our savvy and dexterous packers will gladly help you out.

  • Pack non-essentials first! Those items which you usually store in closets, pantries, and garage should be packed at first. It would be proper to pack kitchen utensils and everyday-use kitchenware in the last turn.
  • Do not mix up things from different rooms. Try to pack belongings from each room in a separate box or group of boxes. Keeping your stuff organized will save tons of time while unpacking.
  • Label your boxes. Use sharpie or stickers to mark each parcel and what goes where. Be sure that you’ve signed the packages with fragile items pointing out the upright position for them.
  • Don’t pack valuables and personal documents. Always keep the precious jewelry, cash, IDs, and legal documents in handy to ensure they won’t get lost or damaged somehow.
  • Arrange boxes with non-essentials in the garage. In case you’ve boxed up plenty of miscellaneous goods that don’t belong to a particular room (for instance electrical supplies and other repair consumables), leave them in a garage and remember to load them first. You won’t need them in first turn so let’s keep them aside.


Don’t forget to pack up the day-one box. Stow your first-hand meds and self-care products, toiletries, and one set of home and work clothes. Shortly, everything you might need straight after moving in for daily use. If you’re moving along with your family, It would be right to separate your items into individual boxes.

1 week: Nearly ready to move 

It’s the kitchen’s turn now

How to pack pots and pans for moving

Your main objective would be to stay attentive and appropriately group the dishes. If you’re dealing with plates made of glass or porcelain, remember to place massive and heavier items at the bottom of the box. The same goes with the glasses and mugs. The best way to secure fragile glassware from crushing is to wrap them fully with cramped paper so that the edges would be fully covered. You must also lay the piece of thick cloth or a towel at the bottom of the box so the contents will remain unbroken after accidental drops and hits.

Go on to clothes, beddings and curtains packing

It would be proper to move the solid wood dresser and bedding storage cabinet empty for they are already too heavy and hard to haul. However, if your storage furniture is lightweight and sturdy enough you may leave the clothing and beddings in. To ship clothes accurately and compactly we can offer you special wardrobe boxes with hangers.

As you can see it isn’t a big deal to get your entire household ready for movers to pick it up. We may only remind you that in order to get your precious possessions trucked to the new place on a designated date you need to hold onto the timeline. On the occasion that you realize it is clearly impossible to manage packing with your own means, you can always rely on our moving guys to help you out. So feel free to request their assistance any time!