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How to estimate moving costs

Regardless of where you aim to relocate, the moving process absorbs a great deal of your mental, physical and financial sources. To go through it with a chin held high and minimal losses, you should reconsider your needs and study the specter of moving features available on the market. By doing that, you’ll realize how to calculate moving costs and get the full picture of how expensive your relocation might be. Knowing that would help you to conclude which cost items could be cut down on and compare the offers from competitors. This is an essential point because while moving to the rented property every penny counts, and by relocating affordably you’ll trim the unnecessary spendings.

Even if you consider yourself capable of managing the move DIY it would be reasonable to look into the matter and get a free moving quote from the companies in your area. By doing so you’ll be able to compare the expenses of handling the relocation by your own with the professional movers’ aid, and also decide whether it is a good option considering the real amount of time you should put in it.

So we invite you to get acquainted and go into detail on how do moving companies charge for their services.

How do moving companies calculate costs?

These are 3 main factors that influence on moving total on any occasion: 

  1. The weight of cargo to be shipped 
  2. The length of the relocation route.
  3. The number of man-hours spent by loaders.

One way or another, the total sum can vary as it would be affected by individual specifics. However, the final estimate list would account for all of the extras that a moving  and a client will arrange before signing the contract.

Distance of relocation

The distance covered is directly proportional to the fuel consumption of the vehicle working its way from the pick-up to the destination point. Also you must take into account road tolls imposed for freight trucking by in-state interstate roads.

How much is charged for toll roads passage

On average, crossing interstate tolls costs drivers around 13 cents  per mile on the interstate roads and about 6 cents per mile for non-interstate ones according to the data available from reports of the Federal Highway Administration. However, the most expensive interstate might cost drivers up to 50 cents per mile, whereas the lowest rate would be no more than 2 cents. The top position among the super-costly toll roads is held by New York with its $33.70 for riding through the interstate highways.

How much is the toll fee for NYC interstate highways

Luckily for the movers and their clients there are plenty of states that are toll-free. For instance Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Tennesee. The widely-spread network of the freight depots at the disposal of “Best Miami Movers” allows us to move across the States without passing through most of the toll-equipped road sections. Also, we plan the route in a way it allows trucking through tolls in off-peak hours when the tax is lower.

Parking lot expenses

Those should be mainly taken into account when carrying out the move alone by yourself. The long-distance relocation would demand from an individual to have a partner to take the wheel while the other driver rests. There is no such problem for the moving enterprise truckers that work in duo. Nonetheless, you might not have a mate for such an exhausting and enduring journey, so you’ll have to know for sure where to pull up for rest on your route. But bear in mind that staying at motels for the night still isn’t quite safe: the risks of carjacking cannot be eliminated. So that it is another one up to moving services.

What difficult about diy move

A difference between the local and long-distance moves: quotes, insurance

Firstly, the movers’ rate would be exceedingly higher for the far-reach moves. On average the transporting expenses might be between $400-600 per 100 miles. On contrast, the full-fledged moving with loading and unloading will cost approximately $450-470.


Moving cost quote for the interstate and in-state move

The other thing to pay attention to would be insurance for your delivery. As the most of moving organizations Best Miami Movers may provide you with the release value coverage with a minimal bid 60 cents per pound. Although, we may arrange the insurance contract for full replacement value or expanded one in case of interstate or international shipping on condition that you’re involving the insurance provider in the deal.

Load weight matters

Quite naturally, the amount of household goods to be moved significantly influences the moving cost quote and overall cost. But here you have to understand one more thing about how it works in practice:

  1. Moved items might weigh less but be over-dimensional, so that they would fit in only in a bigger truck. In turn, it means an increase in gas mileage and additional spendings.
  2. The more massive non-demountable furniture and appliances you have the more challenging would be the loading and unloading. Consequently, more moving personnel might be involved and more time given over to deal with loading.
  3. The bigger scope of moved goods would require an extended amount of packing materials.

As for the exact rates the moderately furnished one-bedroom apartment usually weighs nearly 2.000 pounds and the price charged for its long-distance move costs from $900 to $3500 and above. The approximate cost to move a 2-3 bedroom apartment would be around $5,700-6,000 on average with the top pricing of $9000. For instance, the moving total for relocation of a 2 bedroom residence from NYC to Florida may range from $2,100 to $7,800 depending on moving company pricing.

Moving cost quote for the interstate and in-state move

How much do movers charge an hour?

There are quite modest rates for moving labor for local moving in Florida for the reason that the competition between businesses is quite intense competition in the region. The figures for moving labor quotes have been already given in our previous blog article. Keep in mind that unlike the other counterparts of the moving market Best Miami Movers’s moving services are calculated by flat rate quotes. Thanks to this you may afford yourself an inexpensive move year-round, even during the peak moving season.

How to save money when hiring movers

First thing for you to do would be to look over the number of your residential belongings. Put them down to the inventory list and ask for the moving estimator to voice the cost of packing items needed to move those things properly. You should also inform the estimator on specialities of the pick-up and delivery sites:

  • Can the movers’ truck arrive directly at your entrance door?
  • Is there a driveway to the place for the freight vehicle?
  • What are the dimensions of halls and doorways?
  • Are there any staircases in the place you’re heading to?

If some of these factors are exaggerating and extremely increase the final price, you can delay transportation of the entire household and take only necessities with you. For separate specialties, moving pianos, or oversized sofas you can try ordering the consolidated shipping not to pay for the rent of the entire transport.

At Best Miami Movers you’ll be considerately advised by our specialists that will help you get a free moving quote for relocation within Florida and beyond it. We offer transparent moving quote estimation and legit cooperation on terms of a written agreement. So feel free to address your moving issue anytime to get the sublime care for your home or office relocation.