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Everyone wants to live in lovely Florida because of the state’s wonderful year-round weather, beach lifestyle, thrilling outdoor activities, and enjoyable indoor entertainment. Because Florida is so densely populated, its major cities, such as Miami, are spreading into newer areas. Northern Miami is one such part of this sprawling city that draws visitors from all over the country. 

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City Overview

North Miami is located in Miami-Dade County, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and offers fantastic facilities, quick access to world-class beaches, and various communities to fit any lifestyle. Finding a temporary place to keep your belongings until you’ve established your new home is one of the problems of relocating. Our self-storage facilities assist in resolving this issue by providing clean and well-maintained self-storage spaces that meet your storage requirements.

You may even take a bus to the nearby city of Fort Lauderdale and go all the way to the Florida Keys. Miami is a walkable city, with certain neighborhoods having superior walking infrastructure versus others. Downtown Miami is the most walkable neighborhood in the city, while the North Beach neighborhood is also quite walkable.  

The lovely feeling of a little town coupled with the impression of being in a major metropolis is one of the top benefits of coming to North Miami. North Miami has a somewhat higher cost of living, roughly 3% more than the national average. The cost of housing here, however, is 11% cheaper than the national average, making it an excellent place to invest in a home.

Miami, often known as the Magic City, provides an eclectic combination of exotic beaches, fantastic weather, and rich arts and culture. North Miami is a cultural melting pot with inhabitants from all over the world. North Miami is an excellent choice for a large city with interesting cultural diversity and depth.

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Real Estate Prospects

North Miami has a wide range of home alternatives to fit any budget. The median property price in the area is around $260,000. The size of the property, the area, the materials and renovations, the design of the home, and other factors all influence the total home value. The average monthly cost of renting an apartment in North Miami is roughly $1,500, with specific communities, such as Breezy Heights, Palmland Park – Tropical Farms, and others, offering more affordable apartment rents for under $1,000.

Communities in North Miami

North Miami is a terrific place to experience the benefits of South Florida since it is home to various diverse communities that make it a great city. Here is our selection of the best North Miami communities to reside in.


This stylish area is home to modern high-rise condos and luxury residences, as well as an affluent retail complex. It is strategically positioned between Fort Lauderdale and downtown Miami, with easy access to multiple roads. This area is ideal for young professionals looking for a hip lifestyle, but it is also a terrific alternative for families that enjoy living in a condo. There are various mid-range and high-end restaurants in the area, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to eat wonderful meals while socializing with friends and family. Aventura is also renowned as a boater’s paradise, with several marinas and private docks.

Miami North Beach

North Miami Beach, a prominent area, has a luxurious metropolitan vibe with various restaurants and cafés. This neighborhood has excellent public schools. This area has strong public schools, making it suitable for young families with school-aged children. With several municipal parks and green areas nearby, this is an ideal neighborhood for families and young professionals who like outdoor activities.

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Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is a sought-after neighborhood with a diversified community. There are several beautiful beaches nearby for people who wish to enjoy warm and sunny Florida to the maximum. The various ethnic restaurants that dot the region reflect the neighborhood’s variety. Whether you prefer French cuisine or traditional Caribbean cooking, the restaurants and cafés in this area have you covered.

Reasons to Relocate 

  • The most obvious advantage of relocating to North Miami is the year-round beautiful weather. The average year-round temperature is around 75.5 F, which is nearly a dream come true for someone who enjoys warm weather. The beautiful weather most of the year makes the fantastic beaches and parks in this area even more welcoming and enjoyable. While the summers can be hot and humid, the rest of the year, including the winters, is pleasant.
  • Because Miami is a famous tourist destination, there are several work opportunities in the hotel, food, and restaurant industries. Moving to North Miami is a wise career choice for young professionals due to a robust work market with numerous chances in various areas such as manufacturing, retail, fashion, and healthcare.
  • If you’re migrating to Miami with small children, there are several public and private schools that provide excellent elementary and secondary education. Miami is home to major colleges such as the University of Miami and Florida State University, which offer courses in a variety of fields.
  • North Miami’s burgeoning food industry provides a terrific culinary excursion for food enthusiasts. Local cafes provide specialties from South America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other Latin American and Caribbean cuisine cultures, and there is a major impact of Cuban, Latin American, and Caribbean culinary cultures here. Miami is a seafood lover’s heaven because of the fresh catch from Florida’s oceans. Don’t forget to try the fresh stone crab, lobster, prawns, and fish as you explore Miami’s gastronomic choices.

How to simplify the move

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