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The new beginning: 7 Best Cities to Move to Start a new life

The grass is always greener on the other side” – that’s what they say. Nonetheless, a standstill won’t change anything, whereas sensible persistence and open-mindedness may lead you to a better place to live. Determine your goals, put in a lot of dedication to make them a reality, and there surely would be a great payoff in the end. We’re willing to assist in your quest for a better place and would like to share insights about the 7 best cities to relocate to.

The cities mentioned below have been top-listed according to the solid data representing their cost of living (food, housing, transport, child and health care expenses), career possibilities, transport infrastructure, and real estate market offers. The out-listed locales include mid-sized cities and large metropolises, so you may consider the options with a slightly different background and lifestyle. Let’s not waste a minute more and get to the point.

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL - the best place to move and start over for young singles

Jacksonville sprawls for 874.46 sq mi which makes it the largest city in Florida. According to Census latest report, the city takes first place in Florida in the number of never-married citizens, which makes it perfect for singles. Indeed,  relocation to Jacksonville is even more attractive to young people for its well-maintained and expansive urban park zones and public beaches. You’ll never feel the lack of room for outdoor activities like cycling, sailing, scuba-diving sessions, and kayaking. 

The urban life of Jacksonville is fascinating and vibrant as well. The stunningly beautiful murals at every turn are pleasing to the eye, but if you wish to satiate a discerning palate, try visiting the South Light and Stellers galleries exhibiting selected modern art paintings. The local Cork Art district and Project Atrium at MOCA may also interest you with their open events.

The local cost of living may also get your dollar stretched further. According to the C2ER  summary reflecting the values from 2021, the index of life expenses got down to 89,8% in comparison to the national average. While the average monthly rent tends to be 6,33% higher than the U.S. average, the cost of a mortgage in Jacksonville is rather beneficial and counts at $807.6 instead of U.S. $1,196.14 per month. The job-seekers can find a winning offer in the industry (car parts manufacturing), transport, and import-export operations. The unemployment rate in January was only about 3.3%.

Nashville, TN

Nashville - a rather great place to move if you’re into showbiz and music

The capital of Tennessee state, Nashville, stands out for its intense urban development rate. Such growth roots in quite affordable construction and a low level of unemployment. The Ycharts* display the steady unemployment ratio of 3.4% for Feb 2022. PaysScale** metrics prove that the overall cost of living in Nashville is 3% lower than average. However, the gap is more impressive when comparing the particular expenses:

Utilities – 90% of average

Housing – 91%;

Healthcare – 82%.

Nashville is commonly recognized for its prosperous music and entertainment industry. But you should also consider relocation here if you wish to build a career in hospitality, tourism, and healthcare services. Local branches of corporate giants like Nissan North America and Mitsubishi Motors, HCA Holdings Inc.Vanderbilt University, and Randstad obtain leadership among Nashville’s top employers.

Dallas, TX

Move to Dallas - it's one of the best places to relocate a family

If you wish to dive into the true colors of the Southwest, then moving to Dallas will get you right in the heart of it. Spanning 9,200 sq mi. Dallas, TX counts 43 recreation centers and almost 400 parks within its limits. That’s not to mention the numerous nature preserves like Oak Cliff and Trinity River Audubon Center offering you the boundless freedom of exploration and healthy outdoor rest time.

Among Dallas’ big commerce and manufacturer names there are such companies as ExxonMobil, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and Texas Instruments. The regional headquarters of Baylor Scott & White Health, Lockheed Martin, American Airlines Group, Wal-Mart, and many others are also located here. While the cost of living is relatively low with 98% of nationals, it gets more challenging to clinch a winning deal. The market in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex tends to remain seller-oriented, median home price has surged by 18.1% year-over-year.

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburg - one of the best places to move for work in tech and IT

Gaining new friends and a lifemate can go smoothly as silk if you choose to relocate to Pittsburgh. Primarily the great center of the steel industry, it is now the next-day technology hub encompassing robotics automation, autonomous vehicles engineering, and software development. The last unemployment rate in Pittsburg stood at 5.8% in Jan 2022. Although, your chances of getting a position in tech jobs are still unquestionable.

Considering the quite moderate cost of living in Pittsburgh, you’ll highly likely provide yourself a decent accommodation without breaking the bank. According to PayScale infographics, the current index of housing expenses is 8% less than the national average. The good thing about estate buying in Pittsburgh is that the sales-to-list price ratio is 100%, which implies you’ll be offered the asking price.

Oklahoma City, OK

Try Oklahoma City - the best place to move for a fresh start

Oklahoma City lies in the heart of a densely-populated metropolitan area whose population outnumbers 1.4 million residents. The year-to-date increase in the local unemployment rate has amounted to 1.2%. Currently, it is 3.0% instead of 1.8%. However, the overall YoY decrease in the number of unemployed was quite impressive – more than 40%, which is really inspiring. Overall sufficiency in job offers for the local market appears positive. Analysts expect Oklahoma to return to pre-pandemic payroll levels by mid-2022.

As for the living and household expenses, those are remarkably better than elsewhere in the Great Plains. The summary index is 15% less than the national average. With 29% lower than average U.S. housing expenses moving to Oklahoma City could be a golden ticket for young couples and the only-child family.

Denver, CO

Denver, CO - a good place to move for a fresh start

Moving to Denver, Colorado could be your true deliverance from the smog and overwhelming air pollution. Breezy mountain air and an abundance of well-maintained parks within the city would please you whenever you go biking, jogging, and dog walking. For more active and vigorous outdoor leisure you can always opt for day hiking at numerous mountain trails that lead to places with astonishing panoramic views.

Regarding the availability of the amenities nearby, downtown Denver is also quite a convenient place to settle in. Within a 1-mile radius, you can get on foot to the Denver Performing Arts Complex, one out of three city’s biggest sports arenas, the unique interactive exhibition of Denver Selfie Museum, and many more. Although, we advise you to reassess the first 3-month expenses before relocation to Denver, thoroughly specify them and sum up. The latest updates show that living in this city is 12% higher 1from the U.S. average. The utilities are a bit cheaper than average, but the housing is surprisingly costly and stands at $333 per square foot.

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville - one of the cheapest places to relocate in Florida

Gainesville in Alachua County is ranked as the county’s second-place youngest city with a median age of its citizens of 25 years and one of the best new cities to relocate to. More and more families with school-aged kids move to Gainesville because of the abundance of public schools in the area. In addition to that, local suburban neighborhoods are really favorable and full of amenities like public swimming pools (Dwight H. Hunter Pool, H. Spurgeon Cherry Pool, Weschester Pool and Pavillion) and kids’ playgrounds.

Gainesville is also highly appreciated for offering one of Florida’s lowest cost of living. The median listing price for a family house amounts to $316,117 and overall accommodation expenses are 2% lower than the national average.

Comparison of housing prices and rental payments

Avg. List Price of Homes Cost per sq ft of home Avg. Monthly Rent
Denver, CO $463,245 $352 $1,451
Dallas, TX $364,003 $229 $1,140
Pittsburg, PA $317,505 $155 $994.61
Gainesville, FL $316,117 $104 $990.26
Jacksonville, FL $309,524 $177 $969.60
Oklahoma City, OK $247,758 $110.87 $776.12

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* – values of the unemployment rate hereinafter are based on Ycharts metrics;

** – specific and general living expenses according to the PaysScale data.