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How much does furniture storage cost?

Regarding the limitations and nuisances that are obstructing the furniture transportation while office relocation or shifting the residence, there is a commonly accepted practice to store the furnishing sets and items for monthly pay. Dropping the massive furniture at the self-storage helps a lot to transfer all the essentials required to accommodate your living and work process straight after moving by a relatively small vehicle that costs less. Moreover, since you’ll take a minimum of needful furniture at the new place, organizing your belongings and setting everything up alleviates multiply. For that, we’re absolutely firm that you should go for it in order to get down to setting up housekeeping and, of course, inviting mates and family for housewarming sooner.

To be brief, let’s take a look at the current quotes. To rent storage space for furniture in Miami in 2022 would cost you:

Space, sq. ft The lowest price, $ per month Average price, $ per month
Unit to allocate things from studio apartment  5×10 95 133.51
Rent of 1 bedroom storage unit 5×10 95 133.51
2 bedroom storage unit cost 10 x 10 190 252,49
Storage for furniture sets of 3-4 bedroom house/apartment 10 x 15

10 x 20





So now you have an understanding of how big your storage facility should be. Let’s get to the prices for maintenance of popular furnishing sets for you to clearly get across:

  • 3 seater sofa + 3 medium-sized boxes (18″ x 14″ x 12″’) – around $35;
  • 4 dining room tables with an according number of chairs – from $24 up to $29;
  • King-size bed with 80” x 60” or 80” x 65” mattress + 2 nightstands and bedside table lamps – $45-50 per month.

Storing couches, beds, and tables in storage units - approximate pricing


What affects the price of storing furniture in a storage unit?

Location. Obviously, the more densely populated and urbanized the area where the storage facility is placed the higher would be its rental rate. It stems from the significantly higher demand and real property taxes. Thus, the units that are located in the suburbs are rather sought-after and way more affordable.

Time. It is a common practice for storage companies to offer a discount instead of full-price for long-term services. But nowadays, the service vendor quite often may offer the rentals to try 1 month free-of-charge with prolongation the on a month-to-month basis. As for the lone-run exploitation of the self-storage unit, the contract is likely to be signed for a 3-month service with the full-stack of service benefits you are supposed to obtain.

Temporary or long term furniture storage

Capacity and size of the unit. There is not much of a choice you have to conveniently stow the massive amount of furniture than to order a big enough storeroom. And conversely – you might need just a few square feet to place a set of old chairs or baby room furniture. In both, you should use the available funds wisely and revise the things you wish to lock up. Probably some of them wouldn’t be worth keeping, and you may simply discard them.

Level of service and security. In general, you’re put before renting a self-storage premise or full-service one. In the first situation, you’re paying for a simple locked warehouse block within the secured perimeter. In the second one, you can take advantage of loading and delivery services provided by maintenance personnel.

Additional features and insurance. Additional features and insurance. The first ones imply the possibility to purchase packing supplies (cardboard or plastic boxes. wrapping, etc.) and multiple types of labor. The signing of a separate new policy for the period of furniture storage rental mainly remains voluntary, but usually this add-on commitment might be needed if home insurance coverage is insufficient for reimbursement. According to the home insurance analysts, “off-premises home insurance coverage often has a limit of $1,000 or 10% of the policy’s personal property limit, whichever is greater.”

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Affordable furniture storage units near you in Miami

Best Miami Movers can offer you convenient furniture storage units near you in the Miami metropolitan area with 24/7 surveillance and free access to the contained valuables. At our facility, we provide:

  • Full control and documenting of the goods incoming/outgoing from the self-storage units;
  • Monthly held inventory with photo report;
  • Secured and surveyed area with qualified guards;
  • Fully facilitated storage premises with climate control, security, and fire alarms;
  • Operative maintenance personnel to handle sorting, labeling, packaging, and loading;
  • Last-mile delivery service for organizations and individuals.