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Is South Florida a good place to live

South Florida is one of the continental tropical climate areas of the United States. It includes Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. This territory concentrates the vast majority of popular resort cities, such as Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, and Key West. Also, it is known as a home of tertiary education facilities as the University of South Florida (Sarasota Campus) and the University of  Miami.

Climate and Culture

South Florida culture and climate

During most of the year, the weather is warm and humid. Sometimes it can get colder but only to about the low fifties. Since Florida is hugely affected by subtropical Atlantic cyclones, there could be some hurricanes that occur during the summer and early fall. But do not stress, South Florida is prepared for any natural disaster that may happen. In addition to this, most of the households are provided with the hurricane deductible in case of damage caused by raging weather.

Despite the occasional weather surprises, sunny and warm climate always attracts people to South Florida. Therefore most of South Florida is made up of tourists and immigrants. Therefore most of South Florida is made up of tourists and immigrants. Since the neighboring countries to South Florida are Cuba, Bahamas, most of the culture in South Florida is made up of Latin-Americans. The Latin culture dominates in South Florida and you can easily find a lot of amazing Latin music and cuisine here.


Where are the best schools in South Florida

South Florida has many counties within its areas. This means you can find many different schools fit for any age. Most of the schools are a magnet, charter, or public. The school year for South Florida start in the middle of August, this is so that students could be able to finish all of their exams before the Winter Break holidays. Overall, for higher education there are about twelve public universities. The largest of them are:

  • University of South Florida
  • Broward College
  • University of Miami
  • Nova Southeastern Universities

There are many more universities that you can find in South Florida besides the ones listed above. Be sure to examine more closely all the propositions available, check the information about accommodation, tuition fees, social support programs for entrants, and scholarship if needed.

Business Life

While the climate, education, and culture might sound attractive to many, щthers look at the business aspect of things before making the big move. With this, South Florida offers a diversity of business ideas, economic benefits for upcoming entrepreneurs are amazing, and lastly tourism. So, what are the economic benefits of starting your business in South Florida? Well, South Florida has a lower income tax and has cheaper living expenses compared to, New York or San Francisco. Also, South Florida has a great start-up bundle for beginning entrepreneurs. Taking up your own tourism business you will have no trouble with someone looking for the services you might be offering because this niche is always on the rise in here.

Moving to South Florida

Moving to South Florida to stay

If the following article convinced you to move to any of the counties of South Florida, our company is here to help you. We will take care of any needs you have whether it is packing, need of supplies, or accurate placement of furniture and household appliances after settling in. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from – another state, country, or just somewhere close. Our company may carry out any distance moves. Lastly, South Florida Movers offer the best price for relocation services.