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Is it worth moving to Aventura?

“Aventura” means “an adventure” in Spanish. This city, which is situated in Miami-Dade County, initially got its name from its original condominium developers, Don Soffer and Eddie Lewis. They remarked: “What an adventure it is going to be!” Indeed, there is a whole lot of interest, which can be satisfied here including work life, hobbies, family entertainments, and education.

History and Cityscape

Aventura mall aerial view

Initially, Aventura started developing around the 1970s and was referred to as Turnberry, according to the luxury resorts isle in its area. In 1995, Aventura was incorporated as a city in Miami- Dade County. With this being said, this city is also home to one of the third largest malls in the United States. Aventura shopping mall was built in 1983 and it was a joint venture of Turnberry Associates and Simon Property. This mall created one of the largest sources of income for Aventura. Since the city locates in South Florida, you can predict that the climate in Aventura is very tropical. An average summer temperature varies from eighty to ninety degrees. During the wintertime, the temperature holds to sixty-five to seventy-five degrees maximum. The nearest cities next to Aventura are:

  • Hallandale Beach
  • Sunny Isles Beach
  • Golden Beach
  • North Miami Beach

You will for sure find new and different ways to have fun exploring these new neighborhoods.


Aventura has many great schools. Most of them are Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) but, there are also charter schools. In particular, these are the Aventura City of Excellence School which has students from K to eighth grade, and Don Soffer Aventura High School which has students from ninth to twelfth grade. When it comes to public schools, Aventura has a huge variety of study facilities that can help your child succeed in their future education. Such schools are:

  • Michael Krop High School
  • Greynolds Park Elementary School
  • Highland Oaks Middle School


The business life of Aventura is represented both by small and local ventures and international corporations. With this, Aventura always has something new and unique opening around the corner. Whether it could be a cute coffee shop, a boutique with unique pieces, or an agency that offers its services. You will easily find the right location to start running your own enterprise that will bring you profit.

Moving to Aventura

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