BPMQ Florida Movers Services


Miami Movers has been providing affordable moving services in Florida and throughout the nation. With decades of moving experience under our belt, Best Price Moving Quotes is entirely family owned and operated. We provide a highly trained and professional moving team to address the individual needs of all our customers.

Miami moving and storage residential price quotes

Full-fledged Residential Moving Services

If you need a trustworthy affordable residential moving company, choose Best Price Moving Quotes.

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Best moving and storage price quotes

Commercial Moving Services for Business Office Relocations

Best Price Moving Quotes will provide your company with a reliable and efficient commercial moving service.

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Best moving in Miami quotes and storage

Moving to new Apartments

We will provide you with everything you need to move from one place to another.

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Best moving and storage house price quotes

From One House to Another

We will safely transport everything from inside and outside and place it where it is necessary.

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Best moving and storage piano price quotes

Professional Piano Moving Services

Best Price Moving Quotes piano service is your one stop for all your piano moving needs.

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Miami moving service - antiques

Careful Transportation and Packaging of Antiques

We use the safest techniques to transport high value antiques in our flawless packaging.

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Best moving and storage fine art price quotes

Moving Paintings, Fine Art, and Sculptures

The key to relocating any kind of art pieces is to be patient and pay attention to the nitty-gritty.

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Best moving and storage electronics price quotes

Transportation of Appliances

Best Price Moving Quotes offers delivery of appliances from any store as well as help with returns.

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Safe packing and moving price quotes

Final Mile Delivery

Best Price Moving Quotes is one of the largest universal transportation companies. Every time we look for an individual solution, which is simply impossible without the “first and last mile.”

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Best moving and storage furniture price quotes


A careful attitude to all the items of your decor as well as solid professional skills make us high-demand in the sector.

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Best assembling and moving price quotes

Assembly / Reassembly

To make parts easier to carry, we collect them in piles of several pieces. We pay special attention to the packaging of fragile parts.

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Safe moving the art object and best price moving quotes

FIne Art

The way you wrap various pieces of art can literally make or break them.

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Electronics Miami Movers


Transportation of electronics requires a responsible approach on the part of the moving company combined with a high level of professionalism and respect for the property.

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Miami long distance moving services

Long Distance

Many people or entire companies need to transport goods over a long distance. In this case, you cannot do with the services of a small carrier.

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Best moving and storage Labor (Loading/Unloading Trucks, PODS, Containers) price quotes

Labor (Loading/Unloading Trucks, Pods, Containers)

For 18 years, Best Price Moving Quotes has been providing loader services and is a reliable partner for shops, pharmacies, construction sites, food warehouses, factories, and other organizations.

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Packing - Best moving in Miami quotes and storage

Packing Service

Need to relocate from one office to another, while neatly packing and unpacking your office equipment and furniture? Contact Best Price Moving Quotes!

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Best moving and storage moving supplies price quotes

Moving Supplies

We are often asked about the secret of our success. The answer is easy: there is no secret, only professionalism in every detail.

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Miami Storage


Warehouse service by Best Price Moving Quotes provides for high-quality convenient storage of cargos, guarantees its safety, and performs active manipulations with the items in accordance with their features and customer requirements.

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Best moving and storage international moving price quotes

International Moving

Best Price Moving Quotes is dedicated to delivering high-quality moving services around the

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Best moving and storage junk removal price quotes

Disposal / Junk Removal

Sooner or later every person involved in construction or renovation faces the problem of disposal. In this case, you need to seek help from professionals who can easily cope with the task of removal of any kind and quantity of garbage.

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