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Miami Beach is an island city logistically interconnected with the city of Miami. If you want to enjoy its luxurious life, while leading your small business, or going bigger to real estate, or living your bright artsy life, it is a perfect place. Best Price Moving Quotes has broad experience both domestically and internationally to help you organize your move to Miami Beach. Ready to go? Call cheap Miami movers. But first, let us give you more detail about this awesome area.

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Cityscape and Climate

The city is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, majestic nightlife, being filled with celebrities, and its cultural diversity. Latino and Hispanic population of various nations accounts for 53.0% (20.0% of them are Cuban). Caucasian people constitute 40.5% (this includes Italian, German, Irish, Russian, French, Polish, English, Hungarian, and many others). There are also 1.9% of Asian and 1.5% of Arab people in Miami Beach. The city is a year-round luxury resort and convention center and boasts a tropical monsoon climate. The rainy season with thunderstorms and showers starts in May. Its dry season starts in November and runs through April. Such favorable climate made cycling very popular here (unlike many other areas in the US).

Business Life

Although there are no industries and no transportation facilities other than road links to mainland Miami, Miami Beach has prospering real estate and small businesses. Major international investors and various entrepreneurs contributed to the city’s fantastic transformation in the last couple of decades. Tourism, as a major business area, attracts more than thirteen million visitors annually. Over ten percent of Miami Beach’s budget comes from resort taxes, and the revenue is constantly growing approximately by three to five percent each year. Miami Beach maintains high standards for protecting and enhancing the city’s advantages. Its business community is welcoming, diverse, and growing. Any entrepreneur needs to get the necessary permissions before starting a business here (City of Miami Beach Certificate of Use and an Occupational License). After that, one is free to begin the way of a successful Miami Beach business person, while the city offers tons of opportunities for creativity.

Best price moving in Miami Beach quotes and storage


There are enough elementary, middle, and high schools, both public and private, for your kids to get proper education while the family as a whole lives its extra life. On top of that, the Florida International University School of Architecture campus here offers degrees in architecture, art, music, and theater for graduate students. Such a focus on architecture is not unusual as the South Beach area has a famous large district of restored Art Deco early-20th-century pastel-colored buildings. The New World Symphony is a graduate orchestral program for musicians from distinguished music programs for future leadership in professional orchestras and ensembles.


Miami Beach is also famous for its arts and festivals. Museums of art and of Jewish culture (reflecting the city’s sizeable Jewish community), Faena Art, and the Holocaust Memorial (including a 40-foot/12-meter bronze sculpture) are famous landmarks. Talking about festivals, North America’s most important international contemporary art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, hosts over 268 galleries from 35 countries, and more than 4,000 artists. Other bright and interesting festivals are South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Winter Party Festival, Sizzle Miami, American Black Film Festival, Spice Miami, Miami Beach Kizomba Festival, and South Beach Seafood Festival.

Moving to Miami Beach

Bearing this in mind, we are sure that you are ready to pack. Let Best Price Moving Quotes as the best local moving company in Miami help you out. We will safely pack, relocate, and unpack your furniture and other belongings, and also provide all the necessary discounted packing supplies. Whether your move is domestic or international, we can promise it will be the lowest price you can find, while our services are very high standard.