Moving in Pembroke Pines, Broward County, FL

Moving in Pembroke Pines

The eastern coast of the Florida state is a piece of cake for those who accomplished to comfort ad wants to live in the true paradise place. The city of Pembroke Pines (zip codes 33023 – 33029, 33082, 33084) is located right on the Atlantic Ocean coast in the southeast part of the state. The touristic infrastructure is developed here to the uttermost, and the residents of the USA have plenty of opportunities for getting a job, building a career, starting a family and growing children.

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Cityscape and Climate

When it comes to climate, as in the whole state, dry warm winter and quite hot summer are for the Pembroke Pines city in evidence. You can hide from the blazing sun in rich urban greenery, cool ocean waters, and in the number of cozy cafes.

The city history counts for more than four thousand years and according to some sources, people lived here ten thousand years ago. And only at the beginning of the last century, there came a real territorial glut in the Florida state which made a real ultramodern city with a population of approximately 170 thousand people from a sleepy southern region.

This is a great place to continue your education. Higher education is represented here by the following institutions:

– Florida Career College Pembroke Pines Campus;

– The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Barry University;

– The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Broward College;

– The Broward-Pines Center regional campus of Florida International University;

– The South regional campus of Broward College;

– Keiser University Pembroke Pines Campus.

Moving Services in Pembroke Pines 33023 – 33029, 33082, 33084

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