Moving in Fort Myers, Lee County, FL

Moving in Fort Myers 33901 - 33013

This mecca for the fans of famous inventors and businessmen, beach life, shopping, and fishing boasts a very cozy and family-oriented atmosphere. If you are looking for a place to live a happy and convenient life with your family, or if you prefer solitude but are looking for business inspiration, and just occasionally miss family vibes, there is no better place for you. Best Miami Movers will happily assist you with inexpensive moving within or into Fort Myers and bring you peace of mind in the process.

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Cityscape and Climate

Named after Confederate States Army Colonel Abraham Myers, the city of Fort Myers (zip codes 33901 – 33013, 33016 – 33019) Lee County, has been growing fast recently. Its population now is 82,254, while as of the beginning of the past decade it was 62,298. The city can be lauded for its enjoyable climate: the temperatures almost never rise above 100 °F (38 °C) or fall to freezing. Fort Myers borders between a tropical savanna climate and a humid subtropical climate. Thus, refreshing thunderstorms are not at all uncommon between June and September. Almost 30 percent of the city’s 40.4 square miles (105 km2) area is water. As any famous coastal city, it has a beautiful marina – Fort Myers Yacht Basin – which many of you may find another attractive reason for moving to Fort Myers. It has an elaborate yet very efficient design and is situated in a protected area. Best Miami Movers provides transportation for any bulky equipment, including yachts for low prices. Also, our professional movers ensure suitable and safe bracing, binding, and propping for any particular relocation.

Fort Myers Business

Currently, most of the population is involved into retail trade, healthcare, tourism, construction, and education. A predicted job market growth by 44 percent makes Fort Myers an attractive destination in general, and in particular for young professionals. Especially concerning that the city has so-beloved-by-youth venues that offer space for collectively making impact through collaboration, sharing ideas, setting and achieving goals. Fort Myers’ employers participate in an initiative to retain employees in the area, which is a good perspective for those planning to settle here. Whether you are a startup in search for ideas, a big employer that has a lot to offer, or an employee ready to conquer this prospering job market, Best Miami Movers will make your domestic or international relocations in Fort Myers easy, quick, cheap, and enjoyable.


Thomas Edison’s “Seminole Lodge” and Henry Ford’s “The Mangoes” residencies attract numerous tourists. Both houses serve as museums offering reminders of the owners’ complicated ways to success and their marvelous accomplishments. Additionally, the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center brings world-class art events, such as lectures, exhibitions, and concerts, that have high educational and culture-forming impacts to Fort Myers. As a matter of fact, fine outdoor dining has become another Fort Myers’ cultural peculiarity. Various international cuisines and fantastic seafood will thrill any foodie and even those indifferent, while being able to enjoy the scenery and beautiful atmosphere at the same time will complete this picture of delight.

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