Moving in Aventura, Miami-Dade County, FL

Moving in Aventura

Are you ready for an adventure? Because that is exactly what the city name means in Spanish. Being modern, diverse, safe, and clean makes Aventura one of the best places to live in Florida. Best Miami Movers offers moving services for any type of private or commercial move in Aventura. We will take perfect care of your furniture, bulky or small items, and personal belongings to organize the cheapest and easiest moving experience for you.

Is Aventura a good place to live

Cityscape and education

Aventura (zip codes 33009, 33160, 33180) is a city of great location and great weather. It is considered a Miami suburb, equidistant from the city and Fort Lauderdale (12 miles). The city’s 37,780 residents are very-well educated: 53% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and another 29% have some college or associate’s degree. The city has a distinct liberal vibe. It is a great place for young professionals who want to pursue their careers and, at the same time, raise their kids in diversity. There are a lot of highly-rated public schools in Aventura and nearby areas. The expanding city population brought about a need for another high school and it opened its doors for students in 2019. The Don Soffer Aventura High School is not only a modern and well-equipped, but also a great-performing school.

Doing business

The City Council encourages favorable economic climate and fosters good service that allow local businesses grow and develop. This dynamic business environment is highly interconnected with the city of Miami’s business but offers quieter and faster document processing. The top employers within Aventura are City of Aventura, Turnberry Associates, Beachfront Realty, and Ultracast. At the same time, a lot of its residents prefer living in a more relaxed place and commuting to Miami to get a more energetic business life.

Top-notch moving services in Aventura

Moving to, from, and within Aventura 33009

We want you to know that Best Miami Movers will be happy to assist in your moving adventure anytime! This safe and relaxed area close to the beaches is a true well-balanced heaven. No matter whether you are moving domestically, internationally, or even within Aventura, we are the cheap movers you should choose. Our professionals not only offer the best prices but also best services and moving supplies.