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Moving to Fort Lauderdale: what to know

Fort Lauderdale is a getaway city with more than 300 sunny days year-round. This place promises to provide a dream vacation for its guest, but wouldn’t it be better to stay here for life? Many young families and aspiring business owners are brought to Fort Lauderdale annually. This city is commonly known for its culture, arts, and beaches. From shopping to tanning on the white sands of Lauderdale Beach – here you can find anything and everything to fit every bit of your needs.


Fort Lauderdale climate

Fort Lauderdale city is known for being a “hot-spot” for many tourists. This should be taken literally: the average temperature around the years is approximately 75.5 Celsius. The city is located in a tropical rainforest climate zone and the rain mainly coming in during the months of May and October. With warmth and sunshine all-year-round many locals recommend coming here to hide away from the grizzly cold winters.

Cityscape and work-life in Fort Lauderdale

Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center lobby

The population of Fort Lauderdale number nearly 150,000 people and has a wide range of ancestry. You can find many people who originally speak different languages instead of  English. When it comes to business life in Fort Lauderdale, it is still one of the fastest-growing markets in South Florida with more than 4% of local businesses contribute to international and local commerce. Apart from that, Fort Lauderdale has been ranked as one of the best places to start making a business. Since there is plenty of tourists visiting the area all year round, you will have no trouble finding yourself employment or clients.


If you are a caring parent or a young adult, Fort Lauderdale will offer you numerous schools and colleges with a top-quality education. One of the best facilities for the younger kids is Bayview Elementary school with its ten out of ten ratings. If you have older children, there is an amazing high school Dillard, with an excellent approach to their art department. Lastly, if you are a college student, Fort Lauderdale offers many different inclines, some of which are:

  • Broward College
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Nova Southeastern University

Moving Services

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